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Application Error Codes

Error CodeTitleDescription
1000Generic error
1001Message too longMessage length exceeds 4096 characters
1002Invalid recipient typeValid recipient types are: individual, group
1003Not a group participantUser is not a participant of the group
1004Resource already existsPossible UUID conflict for media upload request or media with that UUID already exists
1005Access deniedMedia directory is not writable (upload request) or Invalid credentials or VName Certificate Error or App Expired: a version upgrade is required
1006Resource not foundFile or resource not found
1007Recipient blocked to receive messageRecipient is not whitelisted
1008Required parameter is missingMissing a required parameter
1009Parameter value is not validValue entered for a parameter is of the wrong type or other problem
1010Parameter is not requiredContains parameter that is not required
1011Service not ready
1012Group is unknownYou will receive this error when you send messages to a group in which you are the only member. Add some members to the group before sending messages.
1013User is not valid
1014Internal errorUpload failed on bad image (image not uploaded correctly) or endpoint not found
1015Too many requests
1016System overloadedIf the system is under heavy load, this error is returned to allow the system to recover from the load.
1017Not Primary MasterYou receive this error when a master-only request, such as set settings, get settings, import, export, code request, register, etc. is sent to a node that is not a primary master. This could happen when the WhatsApp Business API Client is not setup properly or internal errors. Retrying the request should resolve this error most of time. If not, please contact us for support.
1018Not Primary CoreappYou receive this error when requests are sent to a Coreapp node that is not the shard owner or in the process to become the shard owner. You might see this error when we are doing shard failover in the multiconnect setup. Retrying the request should resolve this error most of time. If not, please contact Support.
1019Not a group admin
1020Bad group
1021Bad UserYou will receive this message when you send a message to yourself. To resolve, send the message to number that is not your own.
1022Webhooks URL is not configuredYou will receive this error if you have not configured the REST API Webhooks format.
1023Database error occurred

HTTP Status Codes

HTTP CodeDescription
200Success (OK)
201Successfully created (For POST requests)
4xxClient Errors
400Request was invalid
404Not found
420Message is rate limited
5xxServer Errors
500Internal server error